Our Public Domain Project

    We have accumulated an extensive collection of gospel hymnals and sheet music predating 1923. As a matter of law, any song published through 1922 is now in the public domain, despite claims to the contrary by disreputable publishers. (Some great info on public domain can be found here).

    Why is Public Domain important to you? These songs can be sung, recorded, or used by you in any manner without the cost of royalties of any kind. No CCLI licensing, no mechanical royalties, no publisher's permission. Nothing. Make a CD. Use them in concerts, in advertising, in any manner you please, without cost or hassle.

    We have a growing catalog of more than 200 familiar gospel songs that are certifiably in the public domain, with sheet music scanned from hymnals published before 1923. We do not depend on anyone else's opinion of the song's copyright status, since we are in possession of original source documents which validate our claim.

    This effort is the basis for our songbook series entitled "Our Favorite Hymns". These songbooks each contain 50 familiar hymns, with both sheet music and lyrics with chords. The sheet music has been carefully scanned from the original source hymnal, resized, and cleaned up for printing in the book. The lyrics are separately printed with chords (including the capo setting necessary for playing with the sheet music) for convenient singing.

    The first volume is currently available, and others will follow shortly. The book is beautifully done on 8.5 x 11 sheets, comb binding (so it will lie flat for musicians use), and includes interesting biographical information about some of the composers. It is fully indexed by composer, lyricist, and song titles. The cost is $19.95 per volume, and may be obtained by emailing us for information. It will be available soon on Amazon.